Chilton first order experience



We have what appears to be a great new lab on the scene with whom I recently placed an order. I emailed the guy with what I wanted, received a reply within hours and I then paid. The next email said that I’d get the tracking number by 9pm that night which I did. The package arrived the next day by RM Special Delivery which he charged only a fiver for although it cost £8.95. I’m all stocked up with Cat Café gear for the rest of the year but the Chilton range is so cheap that I can’t ignore it. Every vial/tub comes with a QR code that once scanned takes you straight to the Jano lab test certificate so you know what you’re getting instead of just believing what the lab told the printers to put on the label. Too good to be true? Maybe. I won’t be using any of it for a while but when I do I’ll get back with an honest opinion.P1240704