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I’ve been cruising for a while and planning to blast next month to get back to my pre Covid weight and strength but I change my mind constantly, I can’t decide between;

Sust @ 750mg P/W 1 - 16
Deca @ 500mg P/W 1 - 16
Anadrol @ 50mg P/D 1 - 4


Sust @ 750mg P/W 1- 16
NPP @ 500mg P/W 1 - 16
Anavar @ 50mg P/D 12 - 16


Sust @ 750mg P/W 1-12
Tren Hex @ 200mg P/W 1-12
Anavar @ 50mg P/D 8 - 12

I’m swaying more towards Sust + NPP but be interested to hear anyones view


If it were me I’d go with sust, tren and anavar…. But that’s just because I get on well with it. Not a huge fan of nandrolone and nandrolone

I am on sust, tren hex and anavar at the moment funnily enough


How are you getting on with the hex? Any sides at all?
No, but it’s dose dependent. With that said, for me, hex > enanthate > acetate for sides. Ace has always flattened me out and over 200mg or so I get digestive issues.

But with hex and enanthate at 200-300mg I don’t get any sides so it’s great for off-season periods too. But that’s me. The only difference I see at higher doses is more strength (great) but horrible sleep and digestion goes to shit (not so great).

Big fan of tren when used at a dose that leaves you side free.


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Ive just started npp as was too impatient to wait for Deca to start working 😊


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Sust deca anadrol bread and butter too gaining imo your goal is weight fullness this will certainly get you there


For me this depends on a few things but here goes:-

Test P 300-500 ew 1-20
NPP 400-700 we 1-12
Tren Hex 300-500 1-18
Anadrol 25 1-12
Dbol 30 1-12
Anavar 12-20
GH 2iu Monday to Friyay
Tudca/Nac/4g fish oil

Or else your stack:-

Sust 1-20
Npp 1-8
Hex 1-20
Anadrol start
Anavar Finito
Taper up and overlap to keep overall compounds at whatever total you desire.

Try using to map it out, peak at desired mg for a good 10 weeks before tapering down, being very careful not to just drop doses right off into pct or else be a very miserable beef cake.

Disclaimer:- I am no doctor and can be a reckless mofo so do not take my advice :)