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Morning digestion stack digestion is the biggest importance of a not just a healthy gut but a healthy day it’s your second brain we are what we digest so keeping on top of this is absolute key

Here is what I currently use quick breakdown

1.baking soda it balances out The ph levels

2.apple c v mother raise stomach acid improve digestion always get the one with mother it has the natural probiotics in it

3.l glutamine prevent inflammation in the gut

4.lemon juice improve gastric acid secretion (breakdown of food)

5.ginger increase movement of digestion of food

6.oxbile improved bile production leading to improved intestinal tract digestion

Fermented foods such as sauerkraut helps improve gut bacteria eating along with foods yogurts and probiotics

Last things too add for further improved digestion pineapple with meals always buy fresh helps bromelain is the enzyme we need aid digestion of protein

Always learning and researching can always read and get more knowledge of others too remember this


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