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Front Loading

Front loading is a process to saturate your receptors with the peak dose from week one to ensure stable blood levels instead of it taking several weeks to peak like most long esters, this is why most people don't feel the effect of a long ester until its built up substantial amount in the blood stream, the problem can be solved by front loading which is doubling the amount of mg in the first week.

When you inject AAS regardless of the ester a certain amount is released over the next 24-48hrs the only thing the esters does is extends the half life of the AAS it won’t slow down the first initial release of the AAS,, so after the first release of the AAS as mentioned above the reminder is released over a certain amount of time up to the half life,

Why wait for you to feel the effects or for it to kick in around weeks 6-7, you would be better of getting the blood androgen level up sooner, spiking and working so you feel the effects of the AAS, If you work out exactly the level of active testosterone and the esterized amount waiting to be activated you will see the advantage of front loading and the benefits -

The example i will show you is the first few weeks of a cycle what is not front loaded and one which is front loaded, please don't look to forward into the ester because its not really important to the final results other than dose difference, let’s give an example of AAS with half life of 7 days -

Standard cycle of 500mgs per week

Week 1- 500mg used........After 7 days 250mg left - so active test delivered in that wk 250mg

Week 2 - 500mg used.......+ 250mg (left over) = 750mg - test active for that wk = 375mg

Week 3 - 500mg used.......+375mg (left over)= 875mg - test active for that wk=437.5mg

Week 4 - 500mg used........+437.5mg(left over)=937.5mg - test active for that wk=488.7mg

Week 5 - 500mg used........+488.7mg(left over)=988.7mg - test active for that wk=494.3mg

Week 6 - 500mg used........+494.3mg(left over)=994.3mg - test active for that wk=497.1mg

Week 7 - 500mg used........+497.1mg(left over)=997.1- test active for that week=498.5mg

And so on...............

Takes 7 weeks to get the full weekly dose of 500mgs

250mg in the first wk
375mg in the second wk
437.5mg in the third wk
488.7mg in the fourth wk
494.3mg in the fifth wk
497.1mg in the sixth wk
498.5mg in the seventh wk
Front loaded cycle of 500mg per week -

Week 1 - 1000mg used.......After 7 days 500mg left - so active test delivered in that week!!!!
Then back to the normal dose of 500mg per wk, job done!

By the end of the first week you will achieve the peak dose as opposed to the 7th wk of a cycle not front loaded, 1 wk or 7 wks for peak blood levels? no argument really, you will have the benefit of the gear kicking straight away, without doubt this is an excellent way to achieve your goals and get the full strength of the gear kicking straight away, remember the body grows at its best when its fresh which is normally at the start of a cycle, cut the whole length down of the cycle and front load it, less time shutdown, faster stable blood levels at peak dosage, results straight from the start, reason why many stay on cycle for many wks is because of when the gear starts to kick fully so why not cut the length down which will cut the time down for shutdown, with front load no need to stay on for so long,

Long esters and short esters can be used when front loading, long esters work better and should be doubled during the first wk of the cycle and the short esters should be doubled on the first day of the cycle but not that much in it tho!, this is due to the half life of short esters, a easier way around this would be - if you implement the rule of - with every standard dose you inject double each time you jab until you reach the first half life, this will ensure you wont go over the required amount and this will hit your peak blood levels in the first week, no unstable levels and straight away in the first wk you will be running the required amount,

Many like this method and many prefer kickstarting the front end of the cycle with an oral, i would say try them both and see which one you respond best to, i would advise anybody who likes running the standard length of cycle with long esters to try this method it may just change the way you cycle in the future

This Article is strictly referred to long ester based gears cycles.

What is frontload?
Loading the compound in the first weeks to facilitate its access in the blood stream.

We all know that when we are going to run an injectable steroids cycle with long esters (testosterone Enanthate, Cypionate, Deca Durabolin, Boldenone, Primobolan) we should have to wait 3 to 6 weeks to get a the called "kick", meaning a full peak of the compound's activity, in order to reach the maximum anabolic state and keep it until the end of the cycle.
Needless to say that when we are in a high anabolic state, protein synthesis is raised, and this is the time to add some good calories to fully avail of the massive transport of aminoacids in the muscle cells.

It is not easy, especially for a first timer, to have to wait for the chemicals to "kick in", so we're going to "kick start" our cycle through one of these three methods:

1. Adding an oral in the first 4-5 weeks of cycle to get some gains even from the beginning days, mostly water gains for the majority of cases though.

2. Substituting the long ester with a shorter one for the first 2-3 weeks, i.e. Test Propionate to start and Test Enanthate for the rest of the course.
Intermediate users also use to add a short ester in conjunction with the longer cousin and run both for the first 2-3 weeks, then keep just the long esterified substance for the entire duration of the therapy.

3. FRONTLOADING the long esterified compound in the first week doubling the dose. This is in my opinion the most effective manner to get benefits yet from the first weeks of a long esterified steroid intake.
For this reason I'm gonna explain this more accurately in the following paragraphs.

However, before considering how this method works, I'd say to have a peek to the most used long esterified compounds' duration (activity time):

Main Long Esters Active-Life:

Enanthate : 8 days
Undecylenate : 7-9 days
Decanoate : 14-16 days
Cypionate : 15-16 days

Let's examine for example a 14 days-active ester.
Since any esterified compound is expelled from the body after its active-life duration, we will assume a theoretic injection protocol of 1 shot per week (every 7 days, its half-activity, or half-life).

Standard injection protocol at 500mg/week for 4 weeks:

WEEK 1 : 500mg; substance left at the end of the current week: 250mg
WEEK 2 : 500mg + 250mg; substance left at the end of the current week: 375mg
WEEK 3 : 500mg + 375mg; substance left at the end of the current week: 437.5mg
WEEK 4 : 500mg + 437.5mg; substance left at the end of the current week: 468.75mg

This is to demonstrate that we won't never get those 500mg we're injecting every week all the time as the minimum amount of compound guaranteed in the blood.
So how do I make sure to have at least the amount of gear I'm injecting every week regularly circulating in the blood?
This is freaking simple, you just have to add 1 and nothing more than 1 more dosage of the substance in the first week. Just there.
This concept is easily intelligible following the example:

WEEK 1 : 1000mg (2x500mg); substance left at the end of the current week: 500mg
WEEK 2 : 500mg + 500mg; substance left at the end of the current week: 500mg
WEEK 3 : 500mg + 500mg; substance left at the end of the current week: 500mg
WEEK 4 : 500mg + 500mg; substance left at the end of the current week: 500mg
And so on...

With this protocol the compound is quickly active from the first week, just for having frontloaded it with 1 more shot than the usual protocol, and this way the chemical levels are even more stable (=less sides) and higher in the blood.

YES, this is the real deal on how to get relatively quick results from a long esters cycle.

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