Health and lifespan expert videos...

Dbol Squirrel

Dbol Squirrel

Do yourself a favour and watch this guys video's.

I've been following this guy for years. He's one of the world leading experts on age and healthy lifespan.
He knows his stuff. And some of the things he talks about (including how metformin works) should be known by everyone.
He studies ageing and how to stop/reverse it in proper lab conditions.
Well worth watching his videos.
This one is on what, and when to eat. Great science based info and part of the reason I switched to time restricted eating almost two years ago.

He also talks about supplements including Metformin and resveratrol and it's effect on ageing.

And this one he talks about HGH and peptides etc.

He's only just started his youtube channel and already the views are going for it.

Seriously worth watching guys!


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So much excellent information contained within these podcasts, I've been working my way through them during some otherwise tediously boring cardio sessions.
Thanks for sharing :) and echo what @Dbol Squirrel says - these are seriously worth a watch especially if you like your info to be backed up by the science.