How to improve digestion I’n a gaining phase



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How to improve digestion in a gaining phase

When you are eating and training hard then everything stops and hits you like a brick you have no appetite your digestion is slow food not being digested quick enough for the next meal and your stomach is 30 weeks pregnant you want to sleep and begin missing meals and can’t enough water your mouths like sand

Well the best approach is a mini diet this offsets the digestive issue of food being backed up since we consume lots of meat it gets harder to digest if all you do is lift some weights so dropping food for 3-4 weeks will help shift you over to food being used correctly

Second drugs tren orals is known to cause serious acid reflux and slowing of digesting and reducing appetite any oral steroids will also impact digestion so remember this if you can’t eat you won’t grow

third thing cardio yess cardio is a tool everyone must use off-season for health but to also consume food it’s the key to keep you digesting your food all studies on going walks after a meal show big improvement in digestion blood sugar you only need 30 minutes cardio few days per week but I recommend everyday so you don’t stall and back to hating the food that’s making you grow so walk after eating or get on the bike treadmill or do cardio post workout or morning

digestive enzymes probiotics these can help break down the food and allow for less trouble along with apple cider vinegar

so these are the options for digestion remember food grows repairs you a healthy digestive track is key