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Oi oi everyone. I have been away from the gym a long time. I had lost any and all Interest in anything "gym" wise. I am now back into it again. I won't bore you with everything but at my best I was benching 167kg for 1 etc etc (sorry if I sound like a knob) I went from 16 stone at my peak to 19 of pure strength and speed. Cut a long story short. I got married lost interest in any activities and i ended up getting to 29 stone, a huge slow completely disgusting slob. I started to diet then was told I had cancer which I feel was a bit of a bless as I lost lots of weight and I am now down to 15 stone and healthier than ever. I have been back in the gym for about a month and have caught that old bug, the flame is burning bright and I am back into it again. Throughout the training years of my life I did everything so I was clued up. I am completely out of touch now. All I am asking for is some suggestions advice and some honest answers and/or feedback, not a load of sarcastic remarks from fingerless glove weightlifting belt wearing youngsters.

I have just bought myself

Anadrol 50 - Pharmaqo lab tablets.

Stanozolo (Winstrol) 10mg - Proper lab tablets.

I really really would love and appreciate anything you might have on these. Any information. Are they any good. Will they be good enough to give me that little starters boost I'm looking for.

All I wanna do for a few months is keep taking these and get some strength and a little size back in me then go from there.

Thanks so much in advance.


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They look good to go only one way though is try them keep hydrated Liv52 high protein which you’ll know and enjoy the gains