Insulin sensitivity is key



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Insulin sensitivity is a major key in continued growing and keeping lean once you become resistant in the muscle cell pumps can be poor you begin to look flatter get softer and a whole amount more

Hgh is been known to cause insulin resistance but the good news is that hgh makes you insulin resistant in the fat cells this is exactly what we want that way you prevent huge fat gain but a lot more tissue gain

Ways to keep insulin sensitive
Cinnamon on food this helps a lot so spice it up
ala with carb meals
Metformin morning pre bed
berberine morning pre bed over metformin or mix both morning metformin night berberine
apple cider vinegar

there is a few other things we can use also like cilias telmisartan

Cardio big one with many benefit insulin sensitivity oxygen uptake better recovery myostatin reduction water weight loss higher metabolism

when you design your next cut or bulk plan factor in a few of these from the list you don’t need it all and you will keep insulin sensitive and respond with veins and pumps after your meals