No Test Cycles



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Personally I've only ever done 1 cycle which didn't contain test of some sort and that was my first.
Oral only Var.
I was already in fairly decent shape because everything else was pretty much bang on point (training, diet, sleep, etc) but had plateaued and couldn't seem to add more mass so had looked to Var for that next 'level-up'. Cost me a fortune back then for pharma oxandralone (in the form of Bonavar), which were only 2.5mg per tab iirc so was getting through them like smarties (which I've just realised after typing that you can no longer get! Fuck I'm old :oops:).
Results obviously left me dissapointed and wanting more....
Que 1st (injectable) test cycle....
There was no comparison, blown away by results, and thereby immediately converted to the darker side :LOL:
Since then, I've always used test as a base even if at a lesser ratio compared to other compounds.


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I'm the opposite of that. I've dropped most of the other compounds now. Been using test only cycles for the last few years with Primo added occasionally.


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Done plenty of low test cycles and ran stuff like deca higher.

That would be viewed crazy in this day and age but yielded such good results for me and far less sides.

Same with Tren to a degree.

I do grow very well on test only cycles though and enjoy them and not having to monitor or prepare for complications for other stuff.

@Bonus without making you feel even older (Sorry dude lol) those 2.5mg Anavar tabs, what was the consensus or go to dose in them days, sat here thinking if it was 50mg per day like it is now then that’s 2 x strips a day??

Or have times changed and doses too, like with most things.

Genuinely intrigued here mate


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Orals yes ?
Only injectable compound I wud run without some test in there wud be Ment ?


Back in the day before I started injectables I would run a few prohormone cycles without any kind of test base, as far as I can remember I felt fine..