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Quick explanation salts
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Electrolytes balance and key too certain salts

Many think salt is the enemy in raising blood pressure holding massive water retention the truth is if you don’t suffer High blood pressure even if you do salt is needed to regulate electrolytes prevent cramping it’s one main thing you need for water retention once you introduce higher salt the aldosterone hormone kicks in you might hold water for a few days then your body regulates it and you’ll drop that bloat and you stay fuller when foods low on a cut and get a great pump during the gym session

And when on cycle some steroids bind strongly to mineralocorticoid receptor prevents uptake of sodium which then causes cramp need to go even higher on sodium 20g combined with 20-25g taurine

Pink or sea salt minerals are more in the pink but use either on food whatever amount you choose stick with it be consistent I weigh my salt on a scale to be exact and take in quite a high amount

iodine salt this salt is good for the thyroid and you don’t get this in pink or sea salt

Low salt potassium chloride not the best potassium source but still highly recommend too add this too your foods for that extra bump In potassium it’s key at allowing carbohydrates to be used more efficiently prevent cramping and provides more muscle fullness and pump
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