Rest days why they are important



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Rest days why they are important

when we train we breakdown muscle tissue but also are central nervous system gets hit intensely to for optimising muscle growth you need to rest listening to your body is very important during a growth phase training 3-4 days per week is more than enough for stimulating muscle development and more isn’t going to increase the rate of growth

What I’ve found to work is high volume heavy loads do more in that session more body parts trained but give yourself more rest days

The biggest freak to take bodybuilding to the next level was Dorian Yates who trained 4 days per week people forget rest is the most important factor here and giving your body the building blocks rest to repair the damage and come back bigger stronger than before

Train both strength and pump for hypertrophy strength and hyperplasia pump so different rep range in your training program

When you look at your training go by days not weeks so if you rest but day 8 you hit the muscle you didn’t train during the week that’s ok because we go by days not weeks

Signs of recovery
Good pump
Strength increase
no loss of strength
enjoying training
no muscle pain

big sign here when you feel your training is like a chore your joints ache and you feel weak mentally and physically this screams overtrained

So next time think of rest days as a good thing and days no weeks when it comes to your training