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Hi guys, could you give me a bit off advice on npp . To help me with my jonts as I got arthritis in my knees and ankles? How much would you take to just help with that as I have never used it before. Thanks


Is your arthritis diagnosed or assumed? I ask as if assumed, there’s other possible solutions.

I am also unsure that nandrolone would have any appreciable affect on actual arthritis. You’ll find a number of studies corroborating this, although you may find some to contrary. If you’re seeking a solution just to Arthritis and not necessarily sports performance, I’d probably look at other options such as NSAIDS, corticosteroids, or natural supplements (in no particular order)


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I have severe arthritis in my left hip, I ran a very low dose of deca (125mg pw) for quite a while which seemed to help.

Had to stop due to blood tests from the endo and when I could eventually resume again I found zero benefit the second time around.

Which led me to believe the first time was purely in my head.

Have ran NPP also at 300mg pw (cycle) and again this hasn’t touched my joint pain at all mate, make of that what you will.

I’m not saying it won’t work for you or give you any benefits though and it won’t harm you to have a try but from my own personal experience there will probably be much better avenues to go down.

Placebo is a powerful thing.


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Any steroid that promotes increased sodium retention willl cushion the joints but deca npp promote collagen type 3 which can help with joints long term but like said you can use supplements that help reduce inflammation like curcumin even applying heat on painful areas hot water bottle might ease pain supply extra blood flow.