T3 to grow muscle tissue



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Never stops to amuse me that there are soo many people using t3 and barely a handful of them know how it works and why it is doing what it is doing and how their choices are in a majority of cases directly responsible for their complaints

glycogen - a simple fix with a good carb up, this shoudn't even be mentioned anymore it's so lame.

energy - run a deficit, there is going to be a drop off in performance...factor in what t3 does, it aids in protein synthesis but it also speeds up protein turnover...have more synthesis than catabolism and you're in a great space to build muscle, anabolic state...ptor to simplify is removing broken down proteins to make place for new ones...if turnover is pushing out the broken down proteins and you're not keeping up with replacing then the body is looking to get what it needs from elsewhere, feeding off muscle stores which will sap your energy that much further. Up your protein intake and you'll feel less tired and feel less weak, the higher your t3 dose the more efficient ptor is, the more protein you need to keep up...if you started offseason last month with grams of deca/test/dbol/tren etc etc etc and took in 1000 cals under maintenance ed and didn't grow is it the compounds fault or did you not give it what it needed to succeed. That's the problem with t3 users, most of you guys are so afraid of it, while not knowing what it does and with no concept of how to work it into your blast so it doesn't do more harm than good.

doses- if you think 25mcg is a dose you're wrong, unless you're thyroid is massively under producing all you're doing is taking close to what you produce naturally. And if you are massively under producing your introduction of 25mcg just made you function normally you aren't getting any advantage to your t3 run... You might as well throw the 25mcg tab into the wishing well and wish for weight to come off it's got the same odds as doing anything to you from a weight loss perspective

50mcg isn't too high a dose for most and is probably a good place for most if they could arrange macros and learn to eat for optimal t3 performance. For weight loss purposes that is...for synthesis doses 50mcg are easier to work with.


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T3 (Triiodothyronine) is a very misunderstood hormone. Many use it on a cut but few know it is actually anabolic in lower doses when used with a high protein diet.