Timing orals to enhance food absorption nitrogen retention glycogen synthase



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Orals while they interrupt digestion half life most take them all pre workout for quick boost in strength aggression but this can quite quickly lead too appetite issues loss the half life is important and splitting that dosage can improve symptoms side effects

Half lifes
Dianabol: 4 hours
Anadrol: 9 hours
Winstrol: 9 hours
Anavar: 11 hours
Turinabol: 16 hours
Methyltestosterone: 8 hours
Halotestin: 9 hours
Epistane: 8 hours
SD: 6 hours
Dimethazine: 12 hours
Methylstenbolone: 9 hours

A dosage schedule using dbol as the example
16 Hour Day
7:00 am: 10 mg
11:00 am: 10 mg
3:00 pm: 10 mg
7:00 pm: 10 mg
11:00 pm: 10 mg

This way stable blood levels constant flux of increased protein synthesis nitrogen retention especially when used around meals to spike enhance that protein synthesis carb too be used as nitrogen retention glycogen synthase