What is everyone daily food intake calories macros



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What’s a days of food look like macros and calories bulking growing and what’s the most you’ve had too eat to grow


Just before this 4 week diet phase I was on a calorie cycling bulk, with a non training day, medium day and high day.

I was up to 3 high days per week, 1 with a cheat meal, 3 medium days and one day off. This is direct calories, so where it says x protein, I am not counting whatever fat comes with that towards my fat total.

Non training day:
300p, 250c, 50f
Medium day:
295p 525c 30f
High day:
245p 800c 0f

That’s the highest my food has gotten so far. Upside was pulling that back for 4 weeks to drop excess fat was easy as my food was still high.