Why hydration is key



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Why hydration is key

when we are fully hydrated are muscle contraction is much more effective you hear many say if I was hydrated I would have a better workout muscle is made up of 70 percent water so drink up and help keep them kidneys healthy

This is very important so we can perform optimal and prevent cramping and even muscle tears

I will always wake up fasted and drink 2litre of water to get fluid back in me and each meal I use iodine salt pottasuim salt and supplement magnesium calcium to make sure electrolytes are all there

You want to drink enough to were urine is clear but not completely
over drinking water will deplete mineral and exert them as waste causing further dehydration so try and just get in enough to where your urine is a healthy light colour and your mouth is not dry your muscle contraction don’t cramp up and you get minimal twitching

Key points
Upon waken drink 2litre of fluid
Supplement magnesium calcium
eat potatoes
drink water 15 minutes after meals
Iodine pink pottasuim salt combo
drink a glass of coconut water
check urine colour
mouth moist not dry
contracting muscle no cramps
Minimal twitching