Why you are not making gains



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1. Lack of a proper base

2. Dose too low for your size weight height and experience. We all build up alittle resistance. we all get different side effects from meds, some get the same- if your dose is too low its like taking 81m of aspern for a headache in a 200lb guy.

3. Wrong drugs for your body type and goals- leaner guys need alittle stronger compunds that will throw on some size, fatter guys need to lean out with lower doses before using bulking drugs. a fat guy on alot of test just looks alot fatter with some water.

4. not taking your time and rushing things- have weekly, monthly, and yearly goals, even if its just 1-2 lbs of muscle a month- that adds up 12 lbs a year!

5. Not knowing how to DIET correctly, some guys need a really clean almost perfect diet, some guys need some crap, some guys need mostly crap food.

That all depends on the level your on, the drugs your on, and how much lean mass you carry.

Most pro's can eat alsmost shit food, and diet before the show last 8-12 weeks., some cannot.
this is very high level

you wont get to 270lbs on rice and chicken- or fish chicken and pineapple- its just not gonna happen.

know your macro breakdown and keep a log of what works and what doesent.

6. Introduce 1-2 drugs at a time and see the response- know what drugs work for you and how they work at different bodyfats.

7. Not being affraid to rest- some guys can train 5-6 days a week- some can train 4 days a week. Rest makes the muscle grow.
wanna grow train harder less frequent and rest more and eat more.

8. with drugs start at resonable dose for your size, if your making good gains dont up it yet

9. Each drug must have a purpose and be working or take it out.

10. When to add GH- usually after a solid AAS base, but it really can be added anytime,i if you get pharma cheap then why not.
minimal dose is 8-15iu hopefully ED.

11. Drug inj or taking frequency is based on the half life of that drug.

12. add insulin mixed insulin long fast acting

13. Injecting into scar tissue is messing with the absorbtion of that drug

14. not sleeping enough.

15. not eating enough

16. not intense enough