From lockdown to stage



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No arguments from me mate. i was only trying to help and offer suggestions before DG10 got gobby and started saying my opnions are stupid.

I don't actually give a fuck if your lower legs get chopped off one day from decay and tissue necrosis tbh and you spend the rest of your life on wheels or bouncy legs like Oscar Pistorius lol :)

Good luck with the "rash"...I hope it's that simple.
That Oscar bit was comedy 😂
Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness

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I know mate and I value your help and opinion trust me I do I’ll definitely go get it checked out this weekend I don’t have a doc but I’ll call 111 see if they can help in any way and so I can count you out from pushing me around in a wheel chair then lol

I don't mind being your carer mate and I'll offer you mates rates for my services but don't piss me off or you're going on a fast ride down a very steep slope in your spastic chair lol :)


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Make sure you let us know Lee. Good luck I’m sure all will be fine.